Winter Whites

The white Sonoma chairs with the light wood tone farm tables made for impact!

Curated items:  white wash sonoma chairs | preppy hampton bar | ivory sheers | boxwood wreath | fairy lights | cafe lights

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Tallahassee Garden Club Wedding

Shellie’s ceremony was held in front of the house.  Perfection!

Three Maria Theresa chandeliers hung between the two crepe myrtle trees.  And the Sonoma chairs flanked the brick aisle.  The fun continued to the side of the house with our Preppy Hampton bar serving cool drinks under the shine of our cafe lights.

garden-club-1 garden-club-2 garden-club-3 garden-club-4 garden-club-5 garden-club-6 garden-club-7 garden-club-8 garden-club-9 garden-club-10 garden-club-11

Take It To The Farm!

We took the Hamptons to Vause Farm for Jordan and Josh’s wedding!  Pure eye candy!

Our most favorite detail was turning our bird baths into cocktail tables.  GENIUS!

vause-farm-001 vause-farm-002 vause-farm-003 vause-farm-004 vause-farm-005 vause-farm-006 vause-farm-007 vause-farm-008 vause-farm-009 vause-farm-010 vause-farm-011 vause-farm-012 vause-farm-013 vause-farm-014 vause-farm-015

Bottoms Up!

“Tell security we ’bout to tear this club up.”  ~ trey songz

Yep.  The Preppy Hampton Bars looking dapper at last weekends wedding at Pebble Hill Plantation.

The Bride made her ‘W’ out of wine corks!  I’m sure they were all collected from the bachelorette party.  Fun!

preppy-hampton-bar-1 preppy-hampton-bar-2 preppy-hampton-bar-3

Palm Beach Style

Our cornhole games went from sweet and nice to Wowee!  We gave them the classic Palm Beach look with the rattan stencil and they are loving life in their new duds.

cornhole-game-1 cornhole-game-2


Seaside, Florida

“so true
funny how it seems
always in time, but never in line for dreams
head over heels when toe to toe
this is the sound of my soul
this is the sound”

~ true by spandau ballet

seaside-1 seaside-2

Pretty In Pink

The 80’s decade had the best of everything.

I lived in my own little Duran Duran world and rocked the big hair glam look like no other.  I was a site with my black painted nails and uni brow (tweezers were not invented yet).

And in the middle of that decade (February of 1986)  the movie Pretty In Pink was released.

And my hopeless romantic heart is still aching for the High School love story of Andie, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks to Blane, the popular, good looking and rich boy from the right side of the tracks.

Today, I am going to watch all my favorite Pretty in Pink moments on You Tube.  And this weekend, I am going to share this movie with all my nutter butters.  They in for a treat!

~ terri

Our pink glassware is growing strong up in this joint.

pink-glassware-rentals-1 pink-glassware-rentals-2 pink-glassware-rentals-3

Boom Chicka Boom!

The first time the white wash Sonomas were invited to a wedding at The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond.

Anastasia chandelier and ivory sheers keeping company with flowers from Missy Gunnels at the arbor.

Inside, the light grey linens from Fairy Tale Weddings made for a sweet cohesive flow with the Sonomas.

bradleys_001 bradleys_002 bradleys_003 bradleys_004 bradleys_005 bradleys_006