Is there a minimum rental amount?

Only for orders where delivery and pick-ups are 60 miles from Terri Smith Details’ location (658 Capital Circle NE, Tallahassee, FL 32301). Then the minimum is $1100, not including taxes and delivery.

How do we reserve items for our event?

Begin with the wish list feature from our website. Our Details Jedi Master will check availability, then email you a proposal for your review. If it looks good, then the following are needed to reserve your items:

1. 50% nonrefundable retainer
2. a signed rental agreement

Can I schedule an appointment to come by and see your rentals?

Yes, we have showroom showings from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Please RSVP to one of our showings at

How long is the rental period?

The rental period is for a single calendar day. We are flexible and we’ll try to work with you if items are needed earlier.

When will items be delivered and picked up?

Deliveries are done the day before your event or the morning of your event. Pick-ups are done the morning after your event or within two days after your event.

Some venues require all rentals to be picked up after the end of your event (after hours).  After hour pick up will require an additional fee.

What is your delivery and pick-up fee?

Delivery and pick-up fees are based on size of order, crew and distance. We will provide a quote for you once these details are determined.

Does your delivery fee include setup?

Delivery does not include setup. We will work with you to provide assistance when we deliver items, such as place items in their general location.

We will try our best to provide setup at ceremony site but this will be based on our delivery schedules and the weather. Please note, this is not a guarantee. For a guarantee setup, this would be an additional fee.

My wedding is outdoors can your rental items be used outside?

Yes, the rental items can be outside! However, rented items must be protected from the elements and weather at all times. Overnight rentals must be placed indoors or under a covered tarp after the event. Tarps should be impenetrable to rain and holes free. Tarps will need to be secured so that the wind does not blow open or off.

Do you allow pick-up and return of rental items by the client?

We allow pick-up of most items. Pick-up and return of items must meet the terms of the rental agreement.

Can I make changes to my order?

Once we receive the retainer and signed rental agreement, only additions and substitutions are allowed. This is subject to availability.

I’m new to all this and would love to speak to someone about rentals, my wedding venue or just get your opinion, can I call you?

Yes! Send us an email with your phone number and we will schedule a time to discuss. If you want to give us a call now (during week days from 10am to 3:00pm) our number is 850.321.5609.